Services Single Sign-On Drupal

A.Setting up the SSO Server site.

1.Install Services 3.x and enable the main Services module plus the REST server.
2.Install Services single sign-on server helper
3.Set up an endpoint in Structure > Services with the following settings: Server: REST, Authentication: Session authentication
4.Under the “server” tab of the endpoint, make sure response formatters: json and request parsing: application/json application/x-www-form-urlencoded are checked.
5.Under the “resources” tab of the endpoint, enable user.retrieve, user.index, user.login and user.logout


B.Setting up your SSO Client site.

1.SSO Client site.
2.Install the Services single sign-on client module
3.Under Configuration > Web services > Services single sign-on client settings, fill in the server address of the SSO Server website we setup earlier. Fill in the Endpoint name you have configured for the Services 3.x REST endpoint from earlier.

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